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The Institute for Democracy, Media and Cultural Exchange/IDEM ( is an independent non-profit research and policy organisation with the seat in Düsseldorf, Germany, founded in June 2008 by a multi-national group of practitioners and analysts.

The IDEM has been founded to offer new solutions and inter-disciplinary answers to the issues of media development and research in the international development field. The IDEM is committed to the idea of freedom of expression and editorial independence, through encouraging coverage of human rights issues in the media, dissemination of salient information and promoting a pro-active approach to relevant legislation and regulations. The focus on the regulatory, security and political environment of the media and its international and practical orientation constitutes the Institute’s area of specialisation.

The  IDEM initiates, supports and carries out projects and institutions that are involved with the role of media in democratisation processes and the development of information and communication technologies in Europe and worldwide. The IDEM's experienced and multidisciplinary team is committed to provide policy makers, implementing organisations and scholars with relevant strategic analysis and practical solutions.



The IDEM background

The IDEM members have participated in major international cooperation efforts, e.g. in media monitoring missions and practical training courses ommissioned by the EU (in 14 countries to date).   IDEM members publish on a variety of media policy and media development subjects: see Friederike v. Franque  The Other Frontier: Media Assistance by International Organizations. In: Alec Charles (Hg.), Media in the Enlarged Europe. Politics, Policy and Industry. Bristol 2009, Intellect

IDEM is member of the international media development association, The Bonn Network.

Our latest project is establishment of a campus radio station YouRadio in Tirana and Elbasan (



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