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The Alliance for Defense of Political Freedoms (ADPF), Institute for Peace and Democracy (IPD), Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS), and Human Rights Club (HRC). The founders call upon local and international human rights organizations to join this campaign, which sets out important targets with regard to the protection of political rights in Azerbaijan.


The Alliance for Defense of Political Freedoms (ADPF) is a non-governmental organization founded on 3 February 2011 by a group of journalists, civic activists and human rights defenders working in the sphere of promotion of political pluralism and protection of political rights.


Institute for Peace and Democracy (IPD) started to work in 1995. IPD is a non-governmental, non-political, non-commercial organisation.

IPD activities involve research and analyses of the ways to preserve peace in the region, problems of security, development of an independent Azerbaijan and protection of human rights.

Objectives of the IPD are:  to democratize public consciousness, to educate the population on the problem of creation a state based on the Rule of law. Other activities include development of a market economy, supporting reforms, promoting fair elections, conflict resolution, education and research on the environment and supporting women and youth movements. Lectures, seminars and conferences support these activities.


The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) is a local Azerbaijani NGO that was founded on World Press Freedom Day (3 May) in 2006 by two Azerbaijani journalists; Emin Huseynov (former correspondent for Turan News Agency) and Sarvan Rizvanov (former correspondent for Turan News Agency). On 29 September 2006 the organization was officially registered with the Republic of Azerbaijan’s Justice Ministry.


Human Rights Club (HRC) was founded in December 2010 – on the World Human Rights Day – by several human rights defenders in Azerbaijan. The main goal of the HRC is to protect human rights and freedoms in Azerbaijan, enhance respect for human rights and freedoms and arrange effective rights defense.

At present, HRC is carrying out investigations on human rights violations, publicizing and investigating the appeals of the citizens and raising them with state agencies, and releasing statements and information on important public issues.


List of organizations and persons who support Sing for Democracy campaign:

1. Legal Education Public Union

2. Legal Education Society

3. Media Rights Institute

4. Oil Workers Rights Defense Committee

5. Legal Initiatives Center

6. NIDA Civil Movement

7. Free Youth

8. Democratic Journalism School

9. Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center

10. For Human Rights Public Union

11. Caucasus Media Investigations Center

12. Democratic Institutions and Human Rights

13. Democracy Monitor

14. "Khural" Newspaper

15. Political Prisoners Families Comittee

16. Media Rights Center

17. Positive Changes Youth Organization

18. Women Crisis Center

19. Monitoring of Human Rights in Regions (Nakchivan)

20. Democracy and NGO"s Development Recourse Center (Nakchivan)

21. Democracy and Human Rights Resource Center

22. Consumers` Rights Protection Committee

23. "Doctrine" - Journalists' Military Research Center

24. Seymur Baycan, writer

25. Ali Akbar, writer

26. Elmir Mirzoev, composer

27. Firudin Allahverdi, composer

28. Shahvalad Chobanoglu, journalist

29. Elnur Astanbayli, journalist

30. Promo-LEX Association (Moldova)

31. Institute for Defence of Rights and Freedoms

32. Public Union of Integration to European Values