Drugs – Finding your way out of the nightmare

“Drug problems” can include incredible misery, risking your life, criminal risks, and almost unbelievable health risks. If you’re trying to find your way out of this horror story, you need to face some facts, and learn how to deal with the issues.

Facing the facts

Modern drugs like methamphetamine, (also called ice, crystal, etc.), crack, and cocaine are high maintenance, dangerous and expensive. They’re great ways of becoming broke and sick. The effects of these drugs are truly horrible and repulsive.

These are the problems:

Ice turns people into wrecks, usually pretty quickly. Users are “aged” by the drug, as well as inflicted with its many side effects. These side effects include chronic violence, destroyed relationships, and an extraordinary level of trauma. Ice users are always in a state of severe emotional disturbance.

Crack can cause people to simply drop dead, and it’s extremely addictive, cut with anything and everything. This drug has decimated whole generations of people. It’s the classic addictive drug, turning life into one long search for more of it.

Cocaine is an expensive way of wrecking your finances and your health, if not necessarily in that order. Cocaine can cause liver problems and it’s inevitably associated with the very high maintenance criminal sources which supply it. Imagine paying to impoverish yourself and destroy your life.


All former addicts have one basic recipe for escape – Get out of that situation! This can mean getting out of the environment, out of the social group, out of the danger zone in whatever form.

The first step is to look for rehab centers. You need a rehab center with a good reputation for getting results. You also need a rehab center which will admit you and completely remove you from the drug environment.

A new psychological environment is a very valuable asset to help your recovery. The combination of a complete break and a new perspective, free of the drug issues, is a very effective way of breaking all the drug mental habits, as well.

For many people, faith-based rehabs are much better. Those who’ve had a religious upbringing in particular benefit from reassertion of their childhood training. For those who haven’t had religious training, the very different environment can be a major wake-up call, providing a drastic contrast to the squalor of drug addiction. Either way, the faith based centers have an excellent record of achievement.

These centers also deliver something most drug addicts rarely experience during addiction – Compassion and support. Expert therapists understand the problems and the difficulty of rebuilding a life.

The idea of rehab is to provide practical support, guidance, and help people to manage the many issues drug addictions cause. The faith-based rehab centers provide a full spectrum of supports, from managing withdrawals to the emotional trauma of breaking drug habits.

If you’re looking for a way out of a drug problem, all you need to do is pick up the phone. Talk to an expert. It’s that simple.

Christian drug rehab – An old tradition, a democratic result

One of the most basic tenets of Christianity is also a core tenet of democracy – Care for those in need. If “conspicuous religion” tends to hog the spotlight in politics, practical Christianity does a lot of work at the coal face of human misery.

The Christian ethic of charity is as democratic as the Constitution. It makes no distinctions between people. The built-in Christian personal obligation and sincere intent to help the needy and those who are suffering are the defining characteristics of Christian social work.

Christian drug rehab, the core issues

Christian drug rehab is historically an extension of the original work of the temperance movement to help alleviate the horrors of alcoholism. History has left a vague image of “preachy” prohibitionist ideology, but the practical work of these organizations was also the basis of all subsequent alcohol and drug rehab services.

Nobody could deny that drug abuse is a chronic social issue. In a real democracy, the real heroes are the problem solvers, and that’s where the Christian drug rehab centers deliver.

This isn’t “take a tablet and see what happens” therapy. It’s systematic, addressing the physical, psychological, and collateral damage of drug abuse, and they get results.

Christian rehab in a tough environment

It would be almost impossible to overstate the problems of modern drug abuse in the community. The combination of crime, poverty, violence, and irresponsible neglect has been a generational curse, destroying countless lives.

Christian drug rehab, simply by doing what it does, offers a road map of the issues in drug abuse management:

  • Access – These centers provide universal support.
  • Proven systems for management – Any former addict will tell you that finding your way out of the blender of drug problems is extremely difficult. Individuals have to guess their way through situations. Having experts to help you makes getting off drugs a much more practical proposition.
  • Getting out of the drug environmentThis is one of the unsung problems in drug addiction. If you have to stay in the environment, drug problems are everywhere. If you go to a center, you can dodge the problems (and the problem people) much more effectively.

Faith and hope – How charities support democracy

To define the functions that support a democratic society, the best metrics are based on value to the community.

For drug rehab, the metrics of value are:

  • Drug users off the street, living productive lives.
  • Lower incidence of drug-related crime.
  • Fewer drug-related deaths
  • Lower incidence of drug-related medical issues like overdoses, etc.
  • Reduced demand on social resources for support by former addicts and users.
  • A safer, happier, community, free of drug violence and related issues.

Practical examples aren’t hard to find, either. A big city like Houston TX, for example, typically spends huge money on drug-related “collateral damage” and deaths every year. Drug rehabs for Christians in Houston, TX mitigate this damage to a significant extent, every year.

These services are worth billions to the national economy in financial terms, and invaluable in terms of community peace and quality of life. Isn’t that what democratic health care is all about? Forget the politics, focus on the practical achievements. That’s about as democratic – and as Christian – as you can get.

The Health Care Fight

We demand a sense of democracy for our health care system. Why is there so little being done for the 50 million people without health insurance? Of the deaths that have resulted in 2014 – over one-hundred thousand have lost their lives to the US health care organisation and insurance companies. How is this preventable?

With the overwhelming amount of outcry and persistence demanding resources to ensure the right to adequate health care, there continues to be elevating levels of health care expenditure and reform.

As a result of many social aspects: like racial background, income level and selected or provided environment, often has a direct or indirect result as to who has access to quality health care. Social communities inundated with impoverishment and racial inequality tend to have a far worse angle at approaching health care than those born into an average middle class.